Hatuna meuheret 2001 online dating

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Hatuna meuheret 2001 online dating

Simon acts by bringing Zaza's mother on stage as Zaza's other woman, relieving the tension, and Zaza and Lili embrace.

At one point Simon takes down a decorative sword hanging on Judith's wall and holds it to her throat.

The film's beginning sees Zaza and his parents Yasha and Lili visiting the home of a possible match, who is still in high school.

Zaza is clearly unenthusiastic and it is mentioned that he has seen dozens of prospective brides before this.

When Judith comes home, Lili approaches her and gives Madona a teddy bear as a peace offering, while Yasha stays in the car.

Inside the apartment, Lili asks Judith if she has seen Zaza.

Back in the car, Yasha asks Lili if she will accept Judith as a wife for Zaza.

Lili, now more sympathetic toward Judith, tells him that they should wait and see if Zaza gets over her.

Zaza plays along, but he is already in love with Judith (Ronit Elkabetz), an older divorcée and mother of a young child.

Zaza has to decide whether to satisfy the desires of his parents, or his heart.

Judith is unacceptable to Zaza's parents because she is divorced, has a child, and is older than Zaza.

A number of Zaza's relatives stake out Judith's apartment building, planning to confront the couple and frighten Judith into leaving Zaza.

Back at his apartment, Zaza has a further confrontation with his parents.

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